Nordic small states; Security policies in transitions of the international environment

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Bu-Ali Sina University



The five Nordic states are defined as small states in International Relations (IR). Understanding the security priorities and challenges facing these states is crucial. The Nordic states have a very strong level of solidarity. The Scandinavians are strategically influential both in Europe and have a unique position in the North. The security issues of these states have certain complexities. The question here is how did the small Nordic states design their security policies and priorities in the light of international security transitions? In response shelter seeking policies, neutrality, alliances, band wagoning, balancing and hedging policies as security strategies of small Nordic states in the face of international security transitions will be regarded. In order to achieve this hypothesis, the method of the present study is developmental in terms of purpose and descriptive-analytical in terms of method and library in terms of data collection.
Key Words: Small states, Nordic, Scandinavia, Sweden, Denmark, Finland




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