Guide for Authors

Article Requirements:

Note: This Journalis published in Persian (Farsi).

The paper can only be examined if at least one "PhD graduate" writer has collaborated on the paper. Otherwise, it will not be possible to evaluate and publish the article (this requirement also applies to PhD students).

Research manuscripts and review and theoretical manuscripts that provide creative and integrative summaries of an area of work relevant to political issues should not exceed 8000 words, including abstracts, references, tables, etc.

The structure of articles:

Abstract must be included a maximum of 200 words. After the abstract, supply five to seven keywords. Abstract and keywords should been provided in both English and Persian languages.

(-) Introduction states the objectives of the work and provides an adequate background for readers.

1) Research literature detailed literature survey or a summary of the results of other researches.

2) Theoretical Framework

3) Discussion

4) Conclusion

5) References

Note: List references including books and papers in alphabetical order.  Please do not numbering resources and only separate them by language, such as Persian, English, and Arabic.

Conflict of Interest:

Authors of accepted manuscripts are required to transfer the copyright to us.

Ethical Principles:

The article should be the result of studies, experiments and researches by the author / authors of the article. Therefore, in the case of adaptation of the text of other works, the exact referral to the original source should be observed.

The article should not ever be sent to other collections, including print and online publications and magazines, at the same time. Also, it should not be presented at any of the conferences in the past or present.

Whenever it becomes clear that an article or some part of it are presented to other publications, that paper will be removed from the agenda.


Author Fees:

  • Submission Fee 1,000,000 IRR (all papers)
  • Publication Fee: 3,00,000 IRR (only accepted papers)